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The Mohawk Valley Cemetery District is Governed by California Law Pertaining to Operations of Public Cemeteries                                                                                                                                                                          

Record Keeping, Marker Installations, and Burial Requirements

The Mohawk Valley Cemetery District is obligated under California Law to "keep a record of all remains interred and of the interment of remains on the premesis".   We are also obligated to keep records under California Law according to the "cemetery and the plot therin in which such remains were buried" in case their disinterment and removal becomes necessary.

As a part of the overall record, a Marker Installation (headstone) bearing the name of a person interred in our cemetery is to conform with the accuracy of other Mohawk Valley Cemetery District records regarding the plot in which that same person (remains) was interred.  This is also in keeping with California Law which states that " A district shall maintain the cemeteries owned by the district."

In order to prepare for burial events and record the burial itself,  the public is to report to our District all burial events within our cemeteries.  All burials performed are to be in compliance with California Law regarding burial requirements.  Refusal to provide information to our District or prevent our District from keeping correct records and orderly maintaining  our cemeteries may be cause for penalty by law.